Top 10 VLSI Companies in Bangalore

Top 10 VLSI Companies in Bangalore

Here is a list of top 10 VLSI companies in Bangalore; these are the top companies involved in manufacturing and design of electronics equipment,semiconductor and Integrated circuits. Ranking process of these best Very Large Scale Integration companies in India is frequently being updated by our expert team.

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1 | SmartPlay Technologies|    Website-|
Corporate office – Bangalore |   |
Business – VLSI Companies| Phone:  +91 80 43504444|
SmartPlay Technologies possesses strong expertise in providing services in Semiconductor, Embedded Software, System Design and Geo-Modeling Solutions. With a talent base of 1200+ employees and global delivery centers, SmartPlay has emerged as one of the fastest growing technology services company in the world.

2 | Sion Semiconductors | Website –|
Corporate office – Bangalore |  |
Business – VLSI Companies| Phone: +91 77605 04602|
Our vision is to emerge as world’s preferred technical consulting & training company in VLSI / Embedded technologies.

3 | evatron Technologies | Website –|
Corporate office – Bangalore | |
Business – VLSI Companies| Phone: +91-9953109602|
Tevatron Technologies(A registered private limited company under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India) is a Design and Product Company focused on VLSI Design, FPGA Based Design & Embedded Systems and nurturing the ecosystem for the same.

4 | ChipEdge| Website –|
Corporate office – Bangalore |  |
Business – VLSI Companies| Phone: 080-22451116|
ChipEdge is a Electronics Skill Development Company founded in Oct 2012, with a vision to offer quality Skill Development, Enhancement Programs to Universities, Professionals and Corporates.

5 | RV-VLSI| Website –
|Corporate office – Bangalore |  |
Business – VLSI Companies| Phone: +91-80-4078 8574|
RV-VLSI was established in 2006, as a skilled development center to enhance the employability of new college graduates by the RV-Group of Education Institutions.

6 | CoreEL Technologies| Website –|
Corporate office – Bangalore |  |
Business – VLSI Companies| Phone: +91-80-41970400|
CoreEL Technologies is a Customer Application Specific Product & Solutions (CASPS) company offering INNOVATIVE solutions, which ranges across Intellectual Property (IP) cores, Design & Development, Bespoke System Design & Prototype Development, Next-Gen Digital products, Integrated solutions, Low Volume Manufacturing, System Upgrades and Obsolescence management, EDA tools, COTS products, Semiconductor solutions and Technology Training.

7 |  Synapse Design|  Website –|
Corporate office – Bangalore |  |
Business – VLSI Companies| Phone: 408 850-3640|
Synapse Design is an industry leader in design services and is the engineering backbone of most top tier Semiconductor and System companies around the world. Synapse Design target customers are companies with $1 billion in revenue, and we enable them to meet their technical & resource challenges to build the next generation products.

8 | Masamb Electronics Systems| Website –|
Corporate office –  Bangalore | Establish : 2007  |
Business – VLSI Companies| Phone: +91-9845378311|
Masamb Electronics Systems Pvt. Ltd. started in April 2007 with a vision to be vendor of choice for VLSI Design and Embedded Systems services.

9 | VLSI Consultancy| Website –|
Corporate office – Bangalore | Establish : 1992 |
Business – VLSI Companies|  |
VLSI Consultancy was started by Meenu Sarin, an industry veteran with over 24 years of wide experience across various facets of operations & across geographies like Europe, India, Singapore, Greater China and Australia and with special focus in the semi custom ASIC environment.

10 | Krivi Semiconductor| Website –|
Corporate office – Bangalore | |
Business – VLSI Companies|  |
Krivi Semiconductor is an IP company with specialization in DDR PHY, IO pad libraries and Analog macros. Highly motivated engineering team at Krivi takes advantage of decades of successful mass volume IP creation experience to bring best-in-class AMS and wired interconnect PHY IP products. Our flexible business model combined with world class engineering team adds tremendous value to the customers in building their SoC within time and budget.