Top 10 Cosmetic Brands in India

Top 10 Cosmetic Brands in India

Here is the list of top 10 cosmetic brands in India; these are the well-known organisation engaged in manufacturing of hair care, body care and personal care related products. These are the best cosmetics companies in India and ranking of companies are frequently being updated by our editorial team.

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1 | Lakme India
Lakme is a superior Indian cosmetic brand and a part of giant Hindustan Unilever and it was founded in year 1952. The company holds significant share in Indian cosmetic industry and it is also rated one of the 50 trusted brands in the country in all product category.

2 | L’Oreal 
World’s hot favorite cosmetic brand L’Oreal is a French brand which was founded in 1909. The company is a leading name in Personal care and beauty products; it has strong market base in Shampoo, hair color and skin care related product category. It has been present In India for more than 20 years and employed almost 1000 people all across the country.

3 | Emami Limited 
Most popular Indian fairness cream brand, Emami is a FMCG company and producer of baby care and cosmetic products. Emami is rated one of the most popular cosmetics brands in India in men’s fairness cream category. It is headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal and founded in 1974 by RS Agarwal and RS Goenka.

4 | Himalaya Herbals
Bangalore based herbal, Ayurveda and pharmaceutical company which was established by Mr. Manal in 1930. The company is popular name in Ayurveda product niche and sells its products in more than 55 countries across the globe. Its product offering range includes beauty, healthcare and cosmetic products.

5 | Elle 18
Best choice cosmetic brand in India for teens and college going girls. It is a Hindustan Unilever brand and collection range including Color pops, Black out liner, kajal, nail pops, lipsticks etc.

6 | Bajaj Corp 
Bajaj Corp is a part of Bajaj group and has strong market presence in hair care product category. Bajaj Almond drop is a most popular hair oil brand of the company, holds significant share in hair oil category in the country. Its other major products offering includes Jasmine oil, Face Pack, No-marks cream, Kailash Parbat hair oil etc.

7 | Amway
An American Company, Amway is a multinational enterprise established in 1959 and recorded around 12 billion dollar revenue in year 2013. . They offers million of beauty and healthcare products. Attitude is latest launched beauty product of the company which is quite famous amongst women.

8 | VLCC
VLCC is a reputed name among the cosmetic companies in India, manufacturing more than 100 products, having 10000 retail outlet and 200 distributors. The company is a major producer of skin care, hair care, body care and pain relieving products. It claimed all products are Ayurvedic and herbal in nature and has no side effects.

9 | Marico
Among the top 10 cosmetic companies in India, Marico is a Indian health and beauty brand based in Mumbai. The company was founded in 1987 and recorded 600 million dollar revenue last year.

10 | Lotus Herbals Limited
When it is time for perfect makeup the body, Lotus Herbals is a premier name in the cosmetic brands in India. They offer millions of beauty care products such as Skin Care, Body Care and Hair care category. They also sells cosmetic products online on their website portal. The company was started functioning in 1993.